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Words of Encouragement

Just remember that you are not alone. We believe you.

We have teamed up with award winning blogger Leah - The Girl Who Writes


No matter what life throws at you. Believe in yourself & you have the power to overcome any obstacle.


"Be kind. Be patient.
Be generous. Be accepting.
Be all of theses things to yourself.
That is where is it begins."

The Exclusive from Leah - The Girl Who Writes 

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Help People Help Themselves - April 2019

Often when I turn to someone for advice, I’m not really looking for answers. I’m simply looking to be heard. When I do receive answers, I’m not always able to utilise them.

No matter how many times others tell us what we should think or do, we are not fully able to follow their advice unless we have formed our own insights.

All the shared wisdom in the world can’t compare to one genuine moment of empathy.

So have changed my approach a little, when it comes to emails and comments from readers seeking advice.

If I have an idea that might be helpful, I put that out there – but for the most part, I answer questions with more questions to help them form their own conclusions.

The reality is that I am no wiser than them; I just happen to publicise the things I observe and learn on a given day. And much like them, I sometimes need a little help accessing the answers within.

Maybe that’s what it means to really help people – to help them help themselves.

None of us has it all figured out, and maybe we never will.

Acknowledging this, to me, is the difference being having followers and friends. With followers, you lead the way. With friends, you support them in discovering it for themselves.

Thank you for stopping by.

The Girl Who Writes xXx

The Person That Falls Down -
May 2019

I’ve fallen down a lot recently, but I have realised that falling down is part of life. But I have realised that I am only beaten if I fall down and don’t get back up again. As long as you keep getting back up you are going to eventually reach the goals you set for yourself and push past the dark times.

You don’t want to go down as the person that fell but didn’t get up, you want to be the person that got back up and fought back, moving forward with her/his life and ended up where she/he wanted to be. It’s nice to know that reaching your goals is not the most important part, just the act of continuing to strive for them and never giving up despite the obstacles you might face. 

That What matters.

The Girl Who Writes xXx

Coming Soon - June 2019

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