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About Us     

        Is really all about you, for there is no Us without U!

Here's to you!

Thanks for being present in this moment.

Most people are here in body, but not really here in mind.
We get it! We all have stresses, demands and deadlines.
Life sometimes gets in the way, of us being able to take
control of our wellbeing & mental health.

It's less about us & more about you!

We are a social enterprise project with a difference & inclusive for all!
We hear this a classic statement often spoken
"I simply don't have the time!"

For the things that are priority, you always have time.
To us your mental health, your happiness and your wellbeing is priority.
We figured it must also be a priority to you too, hence the reason we run our events.

Come To Our Next Event

With your wellbeing & mental health, being our focus we want to empower you and provide practical solutions that can be your personal fit to help you take charge of your wellbeing & mental health.
We want to eradicate the stigma around wellbeing & mental health. We believe together we are stronger!

Why you are worth it!

We believe every person is destined for greatness.
Life throws curve balls that can steer us of this path.
The Artful Mind believes positive mental health and wellbeing powers creativity, and creativity fuels greatness.

However, personal and work life presents many challenges, too often you can feel exhausted, burnt-out and drained, this dulls creativity & blunts productivity.
We want you at the top of your game ready, to take on anything.

What we do

We created a solution where you can fit time for you in the
time in a working week to recharge and take control of your health.

We take care of the little things by providing micro-respite threapy, nurition,that promotes healthy lifestyles & afforable wellbeing care for everyone.

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